FlyingJeans Project

#7 – Creating a Society of Excitement

A documentary behind the production of Flying Jeans the most comfortable pair of jeans you’ll ever sit in. At the end of their first big event, guests were asked what they thought was needed to create a brighter society, and how Flying Jeans could help achieve that goal. Panelists and event attendees all brought their own unique take to the question. How does learning what you have yet to learn help make for a better future? And what kinds of ideas came out of the discussions? Find out in this episode.

Producer Keita Takayanagi
Yukihiro Koguchi
Assistant Producer Keiko Sato
Supervisor Masahiro Uemoto
Director Rie Yamauchi
Assistant Director Tatsuya Kuroki Tan Zhao Song
Director of Photography Petter Jensen
Editor Rie Yamauchi
Music by Yukako Niizuma
Composer/Piano Hiroko Miyano
Vocal Yukako Niizuma
Recording Engineer Hiroshi Kitashiro
English Supervisor Nelson Babin-Coy
Art Director/Computer Graphicr Takuma Araki

Kenichi Kato
Kenichi Kato
CEO of The Flying Wheelchair

Kenichi Kato

Representative director of Yamagata's Barrier Free Center. Diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at 21. Works to increase the public's knowledge about the importance of being barrier-free while also expanding it's potential in society.
# KENMEI: To focus all oneʼs energy on a goal. To risk oneʼs life.