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The name KUON comes from the Japanese word for “eternity.” An apparel brand that truly respects the history and culture behind older clothes and materials while also striving to find timeless clothes that are trendy because of their simplicity.

Producer Keita Takayanagi
Yukihiro Koguchi
Director Yasuyuki Yamaguchi(TOKYO No.1)
Videography Tomoaki Shiraishi(BULLBULL)
Sound Department Yuzuka Huzitaka
Music Kenzi Kishi
English Supervisor Nelson Babin-Coy
Art Director/Computer Graphicr Takuma Araki

Japanese fashion brand
Japanese fashion brand

Japanese fashion brand

Shinichiro Ishibashi has been the designer since 2016's spring and summer collection. The brand features items that echo the brand message: New things get old, but beautiful things stay beautiful.
# kuon: Brand videos for the apparel brand kuon, a word that means "eternity" in Japanese.