summer supper

Japanese Summer / Summer Supper

An evening supper held by OPEN BOOK for one night only in July 2017. The team traveled all over Japan to find the highest quality summer ingredients for this event. Chef Yoshino, a chef with experience at Michelin star restaurants around the world, researched local dishes from across Japan to put together delicious summer recipes.

Starring Katsuji Yoshino
Kai Tanaka
Creative Director Keita Takayanagi
Excutive Producer Yukihiro Koguchi
Photographer / Movie Director Hiro Ishikawa
Producer Kumiko Ota
Director Ayano Suzuki
Assistant Director Rie Yamauchi
Desk Chisa Narita
Editor / Composit Hiromichi Itagaki
Sound Artist Richard

Katsuji Yoshino
Katsuji Yoshino
Amaru Sous-Chef

Katsuji Yoshino

Trained at some of France's most prestigious restaurants like David Toutain, Pierre Gagnaire, Troisgros, and Grand Vefour. He has continued to work on his craft in Japan at multiple Michelin star restaurants.
# summer supper: Each guest's experiences become the theme song. A talk/music program.